71% say they'd rather go to the dentist than get their photo taken.
So, the Solution is ...
Location.  You can select whether this session is at your home, work, in a studio, or outdoors.
Coaching.  I will walk you through the process; putting in place those things or strategies that will help you acheive your desired result.  For example, corporate website vs. modeling vs. social media, etc.
Lighting, always proper lighting.  Whether it is my "no fail" 4-light setup for a basic headshot, or studio lighting for a more unique look, I have it covered!
Advice.  I'll help with all those things that might cause you fear like clothing selection, determining your "good side", or helping select the right look for you.
Retouching.  There is an art to editing a photo.  If it looks made up, it will have failed its purpose.  You need subtle edits that takes a good photograph and makes it great.
Digital Delivery.  The final images will be delivered to you in two formats -- social media oriented and high resolution portrait orientation.
"Martino Mingione is an excellent photographer. He's professional, friendly, and efficient (sets up his equipment quickly while simultaneously putting his clients at ease). His knowledge of lighting and appropriate background settings is superb. I highly recommend him."
Put Your Best Image Forward
Making a small investment in a professional photo shows that you take yourself and your career seriously.  And there few things more appealing to a professional contact than that.
Basic Sessions start at $175.00
"Great job! Very punctual, professional, took high quality professional portraits, and skilled with edits. Highly recommend." - Chris

It may not be fair but people form initial impressions and then move on.  In your personal branding effort, perhaps the fastest thing they will form an opinion on is whether you look professional or if they can they trust you with their business.  

Is your current headshot doing that job for you?

As important as a professional headshot is to a winning career, many people still rely on poor-quality photos they asked their friend to send to them.  This is not your best representation (even if it is a good photo of you).  I'm here to coach you through the process and make sure you make the best first impression; one that represents who you are as a person.
FSE's  (Frequently Stated Excuses)

I don't really need a headshot
Life changes rapidly.  It seems like 20 minutes ago only CEO's, actors, models, and real estate agents needed professional headshots.  Today, everyone requires a good image even if for a trivial reason like having blog posts garner the respect they deserve.  So, how much more important is it to have the right image for a marketing bio, corporate web page, resume, or social media profiles?
I have a good photo of me on vacation, I'll use that
Smartphone photos do not make good headshots.  More to the point, a proper headshot should draw attention only to you and the image you wish to convey.  You don't want to compete with something in the background or some awkward cropping of a friend's shoulder.  A personal photo often says "I'm not really branding myself so look at how much fun I had last year."
But I'm not photogenic
Most of us are not super-models and even they have minor flaws that often need fixing.  But with a little coaching, the right expression, good angles, and proper lighting we can all look professional even though Hollywood may not be calling.  It sounds old fashioned but I think everyone's face can tell an interesting story.
I just don't have the time
Yes, we all have stressed schedules and many things can fall through the cracks.  Fortunately, this does not have to be one of them because I have created a mobile setup that can be brought anywhere and still produce studio quality results.  I'll even do your session at night or on a weekend or at your work environment or at home.  If you need a time that is not opened in the online booking app, just ask (I might still be able to accomadate you).
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